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The Drs. Carland co-founded the Group in 1998 and have consulted with hundreds of firms on matters of feasibility, business plans, market penetration strategies, forms of business, organizational structuring, financial analysis, tax strategies, debt and equity funding, business appraisals, intellectual property, litigation support, lost revenue measurement, corporate veil piercing, partnership management, and harvesting strategies. They have written more than 50 business plans, consulted on the development of a hundred more, and revised dozens more to make the ventures feasible.

They have appeared as expert witnesses in dozens of trials, and supported negotiated settlements in many more. They quantified the losses incurred by a sole proprietor when he was incapacitated by a car accident, and pierced the corporate veils protecting a chain of five medical corporations hiding from litigation. They have appraised more than fifty businesses, from junkyards to medical practices, including several in which the financial records had been destroyed. They appraised the lost revenues a cemetery sustained from an eminent domain action, and valued a business selling wholesale fishing worms caught in the wild by commissioned worm hunters.
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Senior Fellow for Strategic Leadership and Chief of the International Division, Abe Inkidar has extensive experience in banking and finance, in retail and wholesale management, and in consulting on a wide variety of strategic and operational issues, both domestic and international.  He is fluent, both in terms of the written and spoken word, in four languages: English, French, Arabic and Turkish. His language facility was a major factor in his ability to understand the various cultures and customs in the Middle East, and continues to be valuable in his consulting activities. His facility with languages makes him a sought after adviser in businesses operating throughout the Middle East, as well as domestic firms seeking investment from abroad, or looking for markets outside the United States.

Educated in North Carolina at colleges organized among the University of North Carolina system, Mr. Inkidar holds two traditional degrees in business, but also is one of the few holders of the more modern, and revolutionary degrees in the world, the Master of Entrepreneurship, having been a member of the first M.E. graduating class in the Nation.

Mr. Inkidar specializes in assignments involving venture capital, informal investors, international marketing, and strategic and operational issues involving international trade.
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Our sister company, Forensic Investigations, is a licensed private investigation firm. Experts believe that one in three employees is actively engaged in fraud right now! We believe that the major contributor to business failure is actually fraud! Our Financial Detectives can identify and quantify employee malfeasance in every corner of your business from accounts receivable to inventory shrinkage.

Many people are unaware that they must pay taxes on fraud or embezzlement losses unless those losses can be quantified by an independent expert. Our experts can quantify those losses and save you from further indignity!